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Having worked with Paul Cosh for many years in a teaching capacity it is an absolute joy to see his ideas and the methods from his excellent teaching practice come to print via his new publication Brass Essentials - An Arban Companion.

This book does exactly what it says on the tin. The Arban although a relevant and wonderful book still to this day is a weighty beast to carry around and Paul's book contains excerpts from the Arban in the order they appear in the original book. All carefully chosen and with Paul's words of experience and wisdom to accompany them and aid practice and learning. 

In the opening text Paul succinctly states 'There is an instance that each note has a value and should be cherished'. The concept of the book being to provide a varied practice diet for regular use to develop sound technique and accuracy in performance.

Highly recommended.





























              Christmas has come early for my trumpet technique inspiration. Following on                    from Dave Bertie's excellent Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris (see further                        down this page) comes Dave's latest book Trumpet Harmonics - A Systematic                  Approach To Greater Flexibility published by Charles Colin.

              As with anything associated with Dave's work this book does not disappoint in                  its meticulous research, thorough thought process, clear explanations, and                        excellent presentation. It does exactly what it states on the tin and is a                                remarkable focussed study of trumpet flexibility. 

              The book also contains reference to other excellent books on flexibility                              enabling students to explore not just Dave's exercises but the history of                              trumpet  flexibility tutor books. This book is a useful tool for trumpet players                      exploring flexibility for the first time or. ore experienced players looking for                        inspiration, guidance and more in depth study. A super book now a regular in                    my practice routine for sure.













Two excellent new trumpet books have found their way down to my practice room in Somerset and having lived with them daily since the turn of the year I can highly recommend both.


First up is Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris reinterpreted and edited beautifully by David Bertie published by Charles Colin.




I have to put my hand up and say I never thought I would be able to play studies as advanced as these, and they are very challenging, but musically worth the patient practice and the study required. Long term aim rather than short term gain is the philosophy behind a book such as this.  I also confess I was brought up very much as a student in the 80’s to think that I only needed to have a technique to play the symphony orchestra pad. I have since realised that I short changed myself and my aim is to be the best technically assured and advanced player I can be and the Harris/Bertie feeds this desire. 

Well worth exploring and a book that will stay a regular on my practice stand for a long time to come. More details from the following links:


Second up is Focal Point by Chris Gekker published by Charles Colin


Part of the excellent Chris Gekker series of trumpet books, this one I have also found excellent for building range, stamina and pitching. All put together in a very sensible, methodically manner and exercises that maintain my interest and for have made a big difference to my playing. More information follow:

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